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Creating the words to grow your business

Creating the words to grow your businessCreating the words to grow your business

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- I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda. I cannot stress enough how easy, flexible and co-operative she is to work with.  She has offered suggestions to help and never balked at any idea I came up with. I would not hesitate to refer her to a friend or colleague.

Rob Van De Cappelle 

Gem Benefits-Woodstock, ON

-I've known Brenda for over 33 years since we were sales associates for a national company.  Genuine personalities don't change very much over the years, other than we become older and wiser.  Brenda has always been one of those enthusiastic individuals who has the ability to approach life honestly.  She can negotiate and problem solve with a smile and everyone comes out a winner!

Horace Randall - Vancouver B.C.


-In August, I was struck with some horrific news of a young death in my family.  A few days before the private funeral ceremony, I was thinking how I could gift my brother and sister-in-law. I thought maybe a thought provoking saying or poem might be appropriate. However, I am not good at writing, let alone a memorable poem. So, while lying in bed that morning, I thought of my friend Brenda. I knew she was an excellent blogger. Here is the weird part. When I got to my phone she had left me a message wondering how I was doing? I know. Eerie, right? So, I contacted her and caught her up to speed about what had been happening since I last saw her. I asked if she would be willing to help me out. The next day, I received a very heartwarming poem that I would be able to use. Since then, it has been copied and put in a frame that I passed on to my family.

Thank you Brenda, you rock!

Christine Smith-Ingersoll, ON


-Thanks Office phantom! I can’t believe how much I needed help with social media. My day to day was so busy and I had no time to invest. Brenda took care of everything with little from my end. People were complimenting me on my social media presence. I couldn’t have done it without her! 

Aaron Smith

AWS Studio - Woodstock, ON