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Artals Promotions Inc


My supplier partner Artals Promotions  provides all of the print and promotional items for The Office Phantom.   With 20+ years of expertise, this family owned business prides themselves on outstanding quality and service, making them a leader in their industry and an obvious choice to partner with.  They specialize in unique engraved items, a wide variety of printed marketing material, branded clothing and fabrics, and creative awards and gifts and create unique pieces (like personalized canoe paddles) that are truly one of a kind!  

Small Business Centre Woodstock


 As entrepreneurs - they've been there, they've done it, they've done it well and they've made some big mistakes and they want to share all of this with those that are starting out or looking to grow their business. Their coaching and mentoring is based on the concept of "If we knew then, what we know now..." what would we do or not do in starting or growing a business. They truly believe that when you love what you do - you really never work a day in your life - and it shows. They provide their clients with practical day-to-day advice that they can understand, assess and use in their own businesses. They know how to run and manage successful businesses and know how to work with clients to write business plans, identify milestones and set targets that they can achieve in whatever industry they chose to set-up shop. they know the "business-end" of their business and can teach them how to know it too.   They have certainly helped me in focusing and growing my business!  Give The Small Business Centre a call today!

Beautiful Empowered You!


Beautiful Empowered You is run by Lana Hodgins (Certified Life Coach specializing in kids) and her daughter Ella.  Believing in empowering women when they are young, they help tween girls focus on confidence, supporting and managing anxiety and having a healthy relationship with themselves.  From workshops amd weekly clubs for both girls and boys to one on one coaching sessions with Lana, they are there to help young people deal with challenges and live empowered lives in today's world.

Emerald Muse


 Emerald Muse is a metaphysical boutique and expanded awareness centre run by owner Felicitas Ritter Holbrook with a bricks and mortar location in beautiful downtown Stratford, Ontario. There you will find the tools you need to empower yourself and transform your life.   From spiritual statuary, salt lamps, crystals and crystal jewellery, to books and Tarot cards, ritual candles, specialty herbs and essential oils, they have an extensive variety of items to facilitate all manner of healing and magickal work.