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Creating the words to grow your business

Creating the words to grow your businessCreating the words to grow your business

Your Sentiments exactly-Where your thoughts become words

How It Works


  • Custom Poetry
  • Wedding -Invitations, Thank You's, Speeches, Programs
  • Eulogies
  • And so much more...  

Your Sentiments Exactly products start with service. Since I want your gift to be as unique as you are, I will take the time to interact with you to ensure that the poem I write conveys the exact message you want to send. Of course all information I receive is kept in the strictest confidence. After gathering the information I require, I will write your message and then email you a copy to proofread and approve. Once approved your poem will be completed as ordered and delivered. Shipping costs are extra and shipping method will be discussed at the time your order is placed. I want your experience to be a comfortable and happy one. I look forward to having you as an ongoing member of the Your Sentiments Exactly family. 

Please see below for products, pricing and samples.


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For Bookworms

The Printed Page Series

Pure Poetry Series


A personalized verse printed on a bookmark and laminated for protection


**bookmarks not included in introductory offer**

Pure Poetry Series

The Printed Page Series

Pure Poetry Series


Let us create a PDF of your poem for you to print out and use as you wish.

Price $25.00

 (5 verse limit-extra verses $6.00 each)

The Printed Page Series

The Printed Page Series

The Printed Page Series


Your custom poem printed out for you.  Choice of papers for printing.

Price $30.00

(5 verse limit-extra verses $6.00 each)

Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

The Printed Page Series


Your message uniquely presented rolled up and tucked into a bottle.

Price $45.00

(5 verse limit-extra verses $6.00 each)

Ornamental Series

Message In A Bottle

Ornamental Series


Your thoughts in a standard-framed poem to hang on the wall or table top. (8" x 10")

Price $55.00

(5 verse limit-extra verses $6.00 each)

Pearl Series

Message In A Bottle

Ornamental Series


Add a picture to your poem to personalize it even more.

Price $65.00

(5 verse limit-extra verses $6.00 each)

Your Vision


Custom create your poem any way you want. Custom frame your sentiment or engrave it on something unique. Since we work closely with Artals Promotions Inc., we are able to offer you a large variety of options to create that perfect gift. You tell us your vision and we will do our best to bring it to life...

***Please note there is a 50% deposit on all Luxury Series Orders***

Sample Poems





When you were just a baby boy

We held you in our arms.

You filled our hearts right to the brim

With all your impish charms.

With red hair blowing in the breeze

You climbed your favourite tree

And soon you were to big and strong 

To sit upon our knee.

We dried your tears when Humpty broke

And taught you how to love

We taught you to stand strong and proud 

When push turned into shove.

We've watched you grow into a man

Whose word is just like gold;

A man who's never satisfied

To just do what he's told.

We hope this birthday brings you joy

And we want you to know

That you have been our greatest gift

And we both love you so.





The journey you will start today

Will lead you down a road

That's filled with all the passion

And the love your heart can hold.

The road may sometimes fool you

With some twists and turns in store;

But this will make you stronger

Than you ever were before.

With Laura's sense of humour

And with Noah's loving ways

You'll face the world together

Bonding stronger every day.

Be gentle with each other

Never let your anger grow

For an unkind word that's spoken

Will hurt more than you can know.

We pray that all your wishes

And your deepest dreams come true.

May this day be filled with blessings

And remember, we love you. 





The first time that I saw your face

I knew you were the one.

You skated round that roller rink

Your smile bright as the sun.

And now I look back on the years 

We've spent as man and wife.

And can't believe how blessed I've been

To have you in my life.

We've raised a family, you and I

Four strong and handsome men

Yet you still look as young to me

As you first did back then.

There's never been a moment

I would change or do again

For every hiccup in the road

Gives us a "remember when?"

On this our Anniversary

I say through heartfelt tears

That I will love you more each day

As I have through the years.





A father is a special gift

That we as daughters get

To chase away the monsters

And remind us not to fret.

For he is our protector

He's the first great love we know

He shows us what a man should be

And how true love should grow.

As we grew up together

You were always my best friend

And I watched John support you

With a love that will not end.

You were his "Betty Girl"

His love for you shone in his eyes

And they weeped tears of sadness

As he told you his goodbyes.

But he'll still be here with you

Saying, "Hey Bet" don't be sad!

Our love will live forever.

And I'll always be your Dad."





When I sit down and think of all

That I have said and done

I understand I'm truly blessed

That you're my special one.

Your heart is full, your thoughts are kind

And though you hate it so,

That little freckle on your nose

Is cuter than you know.

To tell you that I love you,  Ann

Is really not enough

But finding words for how I feel

Is really rather tough.

So, please just know my heart is yours

My loyalty is true

For no one else can give to me

The love I get from you.





We've all been told that good things come

To those who calmly wait

That they arrive just when they should

Not early or too late.

The journey that has brought you here

Has taken time and love

But now your "Jasmine" has arrived, 

An angel from above.

No other child born to this world

Could ask for any more

Than two such kind and gentle souls

To meet them at life's door.

We're sure that "Furry Fred" 

Will soon become her closest friend.

She'll bite his ears, he'll lick her face

She'll bite his ears again.

Be sure to hold this princess close

For time will speed along.

May love and laughter fill your home

And keep your family strong.

Employee Retirement

Employee Retirement

Employee Retirement


Well "Captain Joe" the time has come

For us to say goodbye

We'll shake your hand and wish you well

And some of us will cry.

For twenty years you came each day 

And never made a fuss.

And I'm not sure you really know

What you have meant to us.

We've weathered storms throughout the years

But you were always there

You'd smile and say "Its just a phase. Don't pull out all your hair!"

Now you were always right, of course.

And we would find a way

To push through all the mess

And live to fight another day.

We thank you for your loyalty

And all the work you've done

And hope that now you'll take some time

To go and have some fun.

We'll miss you more than you could know

But you will always be

A trusted and loved member

Of our farming family.

Loss of Pet

Employee Retirement

Employee Retirement


A lilttle ball of fur with feet

Was how he came to you

He chewed your slippers, ate your shirt

And broke your camera too.

At times you thought he'd never stop

And then he'd hit the floor

And sleep so soundly it was like

He'd never slept before.

When Tim was born he stuck by him

Like he was some chew toy

And they would play for hours

This young dog and this young boy.

The years went by so quickly 

And his nose turned white and grey

And soon he didn't want to run 

He didn't want to play.

The eyes that used to glisten

Filled with pain and you just knew

The time had come to help him

And to do what you must do.

So take comfort in his memory.

For he's just a bark away.

Running round and chewing slippers

Like he did back in the day.


Employee Retirement



Do you remember years ago

When you were in grade six

The teacher called and told us

That we had something to fix?

She said you got distracted

And that you just didn't try

But she was sure she caught

A certain twinkle in your eye.

Well she was not mistaken

And as courses came and went

The rewards were coming in

For all the study time you spent.

The focus and the effort

Made us all so very proud

And the man than you've become

Makes you stand above the crowd.

Your future's shining brightly

And our greatest wish for you

Is that happiness and love

Will follow you in all you do.

Get Well

Mother's Day



You've always been a fighter

Never doing what you're told.

Like the time we got caught smoking

Near our house by Mr. Gold.

You looked at him and smiled

Neither shaking nor afraid

Claiming research for a project

And we wanted a good grade.

So now that you've been saddled

With a sickness so severe

I know that you will face it 

With bravado and a sneer.

And like when we were younger

I will be here by your side

To help you o'er the hurdles

And to watch you turn the tide.

Remember what you're made of

For the times when there's no light.

And don't ever stop believing

And don't ever stop the fight.

You'll be a healthy woman

We'll be friends for years and years

Making memories together

Full of love and happy tears.

New Home

Mother's Day

Mother's Day


A place to flop down on the couch

To read a juicy book.

A knick knack and a memory

Stuck in every little nook.

A place for Todd and Jamie

To both wrestle on the floor

And a place to sit and rest

When all your bones are tired and sore.

An every day oasis

Where you live and where you play

Where pyjama Sunday breakfast

Gives a great start to the day.

A place where family gathers

At the best times of the year

Where they sit around a table

Filled with laughter, love and cheer.

Congratulations on your home.

A place just meant for you.

Where you'll create new memories

And watch all your dreams come true.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day


We scramble down the stairs

Grabbing lunches on the way

With our coats and backpacks flying

Off to face another day.

We come home full of business,

Eat our supper and go out

Never bothering to ask you

What your day was all about.

At night we climb the stairs

Having "chats" with all our friends

Then passing out  to sleep

As the day comes to an end.

We're sure you think we're thoughless

And that sometimes we don't care

But the truth is we are humbled

By the way you're always there.

You are the glue that binds us

In most everything we do

And we'd be so lost without you Mom

Please know that we love you.